Who are we?

Reach-us is a tutoring and mentoring company for primary and Secondary School students. Our tutors are young dedicated university graduates from all disciplines, Chemical engineers mostly from Sasol, Chartered accountants etc. We are not only using graduates for tutoring but also senior University students from different universities. Our tutors are well trained and highly qualified individuals to make sure that you get the utmost possible help you need. We offer our services all over the country across all grades but we specialize mostly on grade10 to grade12 subjects. We offer our tutoring services in two ways, in classes and individuals (private tutoring).

Why Reach-us?

There are many tutoring companies out there however Reach-us is more than just a business but a group of young dedicated intelligent Engineers, Chartered Accountants etc who are willing to share their experience with young high School students. When you get to varsity you get a pile of work to do in a very short period of time and therefore you have to develop a coping mechanism very fast otherwise you will be lost in no time. Reach-us will not just be tutoring subject but also the following:

We Teach you how to learn or how to study

Lot of students fail their matric not because they are not working hard but because of the method they use when studying. Learning how to learn is one important factor which is neglected by many tutoring companies and also by schools. When you know how to learn 10 minute of studying is enough.

We offer effective tutoring to help underachieving students develop confidence

Confidence is one powerful secret weapon of successful studying, in order for you to unleash your full potential you need to be confident with your work and we are going to help you to do just that...more »


Help with your assignments and proof reading

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Rechus tutoring company understands that writing assignments can be stressful, however as stressful as it can be, still submitting an assignment which is not proofread can lead to getting low marks for a good assignment. Therefore it is for that reas... more »

Tutor on Call

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Sometimes you need a tutor ASAP for a short period of time in very odd hours of the day. Reachus tutoring is giving you and opportunity to call our tutors in the time of need like a day or few days before exam. During these times, you need a tutor to... more »

Book 200 hours upfront and get 80 more for free

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If you book 200 hours in advance, you will get 80 hours for free. This means that you are booking 20 hours a month, for 10 months in advance. When you do this you will get 80 hours for free which can be used according to your needs. You can chose to ... more »

Maths and Science Combo deal

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Reachus tutoring is offering Maths and Science Combo deal. Maths and Science in one sessions – normally Maths and Science are treated as two independent subject that are tutored in different tutoring sessions. However with Maths and Science Com... more »

Mentoring and tutoring

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Our tutoring team is made of highly qualified individuals with a capability to provide mentorship to both high school learners and Tertiary students. Tutoring alone is not enough, as a high school learner you need to be guided in choosing a career th... more »

Reachus in the Secunda area

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Reach-us is a tutoring company which currently based in different provinces across South Africa. Our head office are however situated in Secunda. Secunda as a small town consist of lot of learned individuals who are working for SASOL. These professio... more »